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Machine Control System Industry
Weiderman Punch Press GE Fanuc O-PC CNC Structural Engineering

Three Wiedemann punch presses were retrofitted for one customer over a three year period. For this application GE Fanuc 0P series controls were used. The customer used Wiederpath CAM software to create the part-programs. This was problematical as the only post-processor available was for the now obsolete control system. A-Tec Systems developed a PC based translator which would convert existing programs to the new GE Fanuc language format. The optimisation of the translator was such that the customer is still using the programming system 10 years later.

Machine Control System Industry
Mori Seiki SL8 GE Fanuc 18-TA CNC Oil Industry

Full refurbishment & retrofit of seven Mori-Seiki SL8 lathes. In conjunction with DSG Lathes, each machine was stripped down, the slideways reground and the ballscrews refurbished. A-Tec Systems then rewired the machine to a new electrical interface. GE Fanuc 18T controls were fitted with the CRT mounted in new console in machine guard, (easier to use than side position of old control). Each rebuilt machine was then finished with a high quality re-spray..

Machine Control System Industry
Webster Bennett 36" NUM 1060T CNC Water Industry

The machine still retained the induction motor and original clutch gearbox but the customer wanted to achieve constant surface speed without the expense and extended downtime that replacement spindle drive and gearbox would entail. A-Tec Systems developed a psuedo constant surface speed facility by automatically changing gear whilst the machine was performing a contour. Result: No additional project costs, downtime just two weeks. To speed up the process of reintroducing the machine back into production. A-Tec Systems developed a part program translator which would convert the original Mark Century 1050 programs into the new program format.

Machine Control System Industry
File Grinding Machine GE Fanuc 18-MA + 5xGE Fanuc Power Mate D Hand Tools

A-Tec Systems undertook the control systems design and commission of this thirteen axis hand file grinder. This system consisted of a central CNC system with five subordinate Power-Mate two axis controls. The main CNC system was used to perform the grinding and in-process dressing cycle whilst the Power Mate units handled two paddle robot arms which performed the loading and unloading from the machine conveyor.

Machine Control System Industry
Wickman Bennett S-Series GE Fanuc 160i-TA Aerospace Industry

The two vertical lathes were becoming a major problem with regard to reliability. They were key pieces of plant but were only achieving an up-time of 60% before the retrofit. Each machine was fitted with a Hertel 60 tool drum. Each tool contained a tool identity chip which the tool changer could read by one of its tool manipulator arms. A-Tec Systems fitted a new control system, servo drives and spindle motor and the up-time was dramatically increased to 98.5%. In addition tool management was simplified by a new database software developed in house. The productivity of the machine was also increased by improved tool-change software. The tool pre-selection facility created by A-Tec Systems reduced the cut to cut time from two minutes to thirty seconds.

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